Usability Trial 

Something Corp are planning to conduct a usability trial on an invitation basis only and for a limited duration in the USA. We seek select users’ feedback about our virtual clinic service and our mobile application and its content. 

The App You Are Helping to Improve

We have developed a virtual clinic service and a smartphone app for people with chronic pain. What makes our app different is that it directly translates cutting-edge science to directly benefit people with pain. Pain changes all the time, and so should actions to manage the pain. Our app provides educational content to users in the form of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy and in-app support provided by Health Coaches. With the app we track daily pain, mood, and sleep and adapt the program to fit a person’s current situation. 

What You Can Help Us Achieve

The program is being developed further. We plan to make changes to the design, content, virtual clinic etc. That is where Users (by invitation only) come in. We want to incorporate Users’ opinions into the decisions we make about the app, so it’s important that Users provide honest and unfiltered opinions:

-the look, colors, organization of the app

-the quality and appropriateness of the writing and images

-the sound and content of podcasts

-impressions of animations and videos

-anything else that you like or don’t like!

Something Corporation provides the above as a service to Aivo Health Inc.