Chronic pain, disrupted

Aivo puts the cutting edge of pain relief research into the palm of your hand.

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Science-guided pain care

Our science-based solution for pain relief is based on decades of peer-reviewed research conducted at Northwestern University. Our innovations in pain neuroscience, behavioral science, data science, and digital tools combined with our clinical expertise are shifting the chronic pain treatment paradigm from ad hoc random encounters to continuous precision care.

Virtual Pain Clinic

We empower you by putting an online specialty medical clinic right in your pocket to deliver premium, yet affordable, care for chronic pain safely and sustainably. Through continuous  daily monitoring of symptoms The Aivo Program is tailored to you without the risks, costs or side effects of opioid medications or surgery.  Progress is guided by your personal health coach and the social support of an uplifting community of peers.

Help advance knowledge about pain

Our advanced algorithms track your pain relief. Your data helps us improve the personaliztion of the Aivo Program. By sharing your data with our scientists you are actively helping us discover new knowledge about chronic pain The more we learn about your pain experience, the more relief you achieve!  This will help both you, and others suffering from chronic pain.

Our Continuous Care Program Provides

Pain Management Program

Eight week state-of-the-art Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program that is optimized for mobile delivery and gamified to keep you engaged and motivated. 

Weekly recommendations

Our science and data teams review your data on both a personal and a group level and provide you with weekly recommendations to help you improve.

Dedicated Health Coach

Your personal health coach provides individualized recommendations, expert information, and daily inspiration.

Peer Support Community

Guided peer group discussions about the knowledge and skills you acquire allows you to learn from other people with back pain.

Symptom Monitoring

By reporting your day-to-day experiences as well as daily pain, mood and sleep quality, you gain access to continuous monitoring and feedback by our team of pain and data scientists.

Medication tracking

By tracking your day-to-day medication our engine will learn over time which medication combinations work best for people like you and ultimately - to you.

Find out if the Aivo Program is right for you!

Check my eligibility

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Our Mission

Like others with persistent pain, you may have:

  1. Received mixed messages from health care providers.

  2. Relied on brief visits with doctors who didn’t listen to you.

  3. Put up with side effects from medications that don’t relieve your pain.

  4. Struggled with the impact of pain on your life, work, family, and your identity.

We are not a part of this system. Why are we different? Our team is led by pain scientists who collaborate with people who live with pain. Our approach profiles your pain experience on a level of detail you have never experienced before

Our Mission is to empower you with pain care that reflects the cutting edge of pain research. We understand how discouraging it can be to seek pain relief in the current healthcare system.